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Naming This Baby Is Harder Than You Think

I’ve got a lot of ideas, but not much time to write. I finally decided that in 2010, I’m going to start posting again instead of just entertaining ideas in my head. But before I begin, I have to come up with a good name.

It’s like starting a garage band; a boring name is easily forgotten and a great name can compensate for a lack of talent. A name has to be catchy, just the right length, and look good on a t-shirt. If someone forgets my real name and calls me Mr. ____ Guy, I have to feel proud. Just like starting a garage band.

I want to write about technology in government. Gov 2.0 is my inspiration, and I thought about a play on “Gov 2.0” to name this site. Then I realized how difficult it is to come up with a good name out of “Gov 2.0”, and how easy it is to come up with a negative or satirical name. If I become a whining, grumbling sourpuss, I could go with:

  • Gov 2 NO
  • Gov 2 Blow
  • Gov 2 Doh!
  • Gov 2 Oh no
  • Gov 2 Uh-oh
  • Gov 2 Slow
  • Gov 2 Woe
  • Gov 2 Low
  • Gov 2 ‘Po

But I’m going to keep it positive. I think there is a lot of opportunity for the public sector to embrace technology in a strategic way that adds value to citizens. Government needs fresh ideas, not just for cost-saving reasons, but to connect more effectively with the people it serves. And it wouldn’t hurt to gain some street cred along the way.

I finally settled on a name. It was two breaths for you but more than two months for me. I’m calling this site Gov Me Tender. It’s more schtick-ish than I originally planned, but it does fit my criteria mentioned above, sort of. I wanted to play on the word “love”, and wanted to use a short phrase that most people recognize. Also considered:

  • Gov Is Blind
  • All You Need Is Gov
  • Gov is a Battlefield
  • I Will Always Gov You
  • I’ll Make Gov To You
  • I Want To Know What Gov Is
  • PS I Gov You

but none of these really work. I’m not sure Gov Me Tender works either, but at least it’s PG-13 with no implications to totalitarianism.

And if this whole Government and Web 2.0 thing doesn’t work, I’m changing the name to Gov 2 Slow.

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