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Top 10 Nuggets from SxSW Interactive

There were plenty of good presentations from South by Southwest Interactive in 2010. Here’s my Top 10 quotable quotes with links to the speakers’ Twitter page.

#1.If you’re at a certain point in a project and you don’t like what you’re seeing, tell your client you don’t like it before they tell you. Clients don’t like to play the bad cop and they’ll be happy they didn’t have to come down on you (Wil Reynolds)

#2. It’s easy for the client to jump into the driver’s seat, but  you have to remind them that they hired you to be in driver’s seat (Greg Hoy)

#3. You need failure more than you need success. Success breeds repetition, failure breeds change (Tracy Halvorsen)

#4. Don’t spin your mistakes. Own them. Build up your trust bank. Every time you do something right, take opportunity to build up trust so when you make a withdraw with a massive f-up, the client will go easier on you (Wil Reynolds)

#5. Designing a website before writing content is like building an art gallery before you have the art (Karen McGrane)

#6. Designers should be researchers. Don’t wait for researchers to come to you, try to be involved in the interpretation of data. Conversely, researchers should be involved in the design process. (Chris Fahey)

#7. Social media is not merely a channel for pushing messages, so should success just equal awareness? If success is completely quantitative, then all press is good press. But what’s lacking is context; we have to take quantitative data and frame them into context (Sam Ford)

#8. The City is a machine. Infrastructure that manages the city can harness data to gain understanding of what’s happening. Cell phone usage, sewer systems, buses, intersection cameras, etc. But how do you close that feedback loop? People become key. Look at people as actuators to that feedback loop. People are both actuators and sensors (John Tolva)

#9. Search is not just an IT problem, it’s a knowledge management challenge (Peter Morville)

#10. Four secrets to what makes Amazon.com successful (Jared Spool)

a) Engage through content. Product reviews are content. Use them to engage potential customers.

b) Don’t fear new ideas. Take mitigated, controlled risks.

c) Eliminate “tool time” (moving forward without improvement)* while delivering confidence. Roll out new features in small phases so you can constantly improve

d) Never forget the business. That’s where you focus your resources.

* Not sure where he got that term from, but I don’t think it was a jab at Tim Allen and Home Improvement fans. And whatever happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas? He was such a heart throb.

  1. Daniel
    March 23, 2010 at 11:59 am

    I think JTT went to college and stopped acting for a bit. I’d look in to it further if I really cared what happened to him…

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